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Penilopee LaRosa was not intending to invent the next hot beauty product when she came up with this idea.  They say the thing that bothers you the most will point you toward your calling and the cellulite on her legs was definitely on her hate list.  Injured just before giving birth, she couldn't exercise.  As she entered into her 40's, the skin on her legs became crepe and covered in cellulite.  No matter the temperature outside, when everyone else was in shorts, she was the one in Capri pants.  She tried all the creams and home remedies with no success.  Until one day Penilopee noticed if she lifted the skin on her legs just a tiny bit, it smoothed the skin out and made the cellulite go away so, she went for the duct tape.  It actually kind of worked.  It just didn't stay on long and shredded her skin when she took it off.  She spent the next year working with leading  adhesive scientists developing the perfect combination of skin tape that lifts and holds the skin all day but doesn't hurt when its removed.  After that, she developed specific  sizes and formulas for 8 different body parts, giving us the full line of Skinnies Instant Lifts we have today. 

Penilopee always says, "The richest place in the world is a grave yard, full of buried ideas that could have changed the world." A strong Christian, her motto is, "If you don't know, pray.  Between God & the internet, there is no reason why you can't pursue the idea or dream in your heart."


Penilopee has also invented the wonderful anti wrinkle product SMOOTH SLEEPERS.   Also a product that prevents babies from rolling over and suffocating BABY SLEEPS SAFE and EMERGENCY READERS.  Skinnies, as well as these products are owned and operated by LaRosa Innovations, LLC located in Tampa, Florida.

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