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Frequently Asked Questions

Tips For Great Lift & Easy Removal

I can't see any difference. Am I applying this right?

You must create a "skin fold" to make the Skinnies work. Hold the 2nd half of the Skinnies with your finger tips. Keeping the 2nd half 2 inches away from the skin, slowly lift up and away from the skin. You will see the skin come up. The excess skin will fold over itself into the patented "no pinch" middle section. once in a tight position, attach the upper portion.

They are going on correctly, but they start to come off after I wear them for a while.

This can only happen for 2 reasons: Either the skin had some type of residue on it, even left over from the day before, or you are not rubbing the Skinnies & heating them up to activate the adhesives. When applied correctly, the Skinnies will not come off until you remove them. Make sure your skin is freshly washed  and has no oil, lotion, powder, etc. If you are using a soap that contains oil or moisturizer, try changing to another soap (The oil from these soaps can release and go to the top of your skin when you sweat). Apply 1/2 the Lift to the skin and rub it on the skin for 1 minute melting the adhesives into your skin. Lift & attach the other 1/2 and rub it for 1 minute before moving around. Your body heat activates the adhesives in the Skinnies. The longer you rub them and heat them up before lifting & applying pressure on them, the better they will stick.

Where do I apply them?

Use your fingers to experiment and lift your skin to where it looks best. We have given you general application instructions, but practice with your fingers to determine where to place your Skinnies to get the best lift for you.

Does it hurt when you remove them?

The Skinnies are formulated to last 12-15 hours. If you remove earlier, there is a method for removing the Skinnies with little to no discomfort. Lift a corner & roll the Skinnies backward off the skin low and slow. Your fingers should never break contact with the skin when removing. Never yank and pull the Skinnies up and away. If you need extra help, add a little oil and let sit. This will release the adhesive.

When I remove them, a residue was left on my skin. How  do I get it off?

Use baby oil, olive oil, etc., to remove any residue left on the skin. Dab the area with oil and let it sit for a few moments and the residue will wipe right off with a towel.

Are they waterproof?

All Skinnies are sweat proof and strong enough for humidity and outdoor activities. If you are going to be submerged  in water, however, you will need the Skinnies SWIMMERS. They are formulated to go into the water for swimming.

How long do the Skinnies last?

Simply follow the application instructions & the Skinnies are formulated to last all day and stay in place until you remove them at night.

Can I use the Skinnies I have on another part of the body?

No. Every Skinnies uses a different aggression level of adhesive depending on where is goes. Your skin tissue varies drastically  in thickness on your body. For instance, the formula for the Thigh Lift is far too aggressive to use on the arm tissue. Each Skinnies is formulated specifically for the skin tissue to which it will attach. Also, the backing and sizing will vary, so ONLY use the Skinnies for the body part it was intended.

Are they reusable?

No. Because the Skinnies are formulated to come off the skin with little to no discomfort, once removed, they lose their stickiness and cannot be reapplied.

They are still sticking so can I sleep in them?

No, the Skinnies are formulated to stay on the skin 12-15 hours at a time. Beyond that, it is healthy for your skin to have time to breathe and go back to its natural resting position.  If you wear it beyond this time, it can cause a skin irritation.

Can I apply the Skinnies more than once a day?

No. they will last all day. When you remove the Skinnies, it may exfoliate the top layer of the skin. If you remove it more than once a day, it will be too much for the skin and may cause chaffing and redness.

Will the Skinnies remove my self tanner?

Yes. When the Skinnies are removed, they will exfoliate the top layer of the skin, so they will remove any self tanner you have applied to that area.

My Skinnies are wrinkling at the top. Is there any way to stop this?

The Skinnies are a one size fits most product. Depending on your height and weight, and where you need to specifically apply them to meet your needs, they may wrinkle at the top. If you have a smaller frame, you might try cutting them a bit to trim them down.

They are a little big, can I cut them?

Yes. They are a one size fits most. Feel free to trim them down if they seem too big for you. 


See HOW TO APPLY video for great lift & easy removal. Click HOW TO APPLY  link at top of page to view demonstration. 

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